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At Angi we believe the home is the most important place on earth and know we ALL have a role to play in making our homes more sustainable. Did you know that our homes produce 15.6% of the nation’s total global warming greenhouse gas emissions*? This Earth Day we are excited to launch our partnership with Team Zero, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable and educational organization on a mission toward a zero energy, zero carbon future for our homes. 

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Today, working alongside the teams at Energy and Environmental Building Alliance(EEBA) and Team Zero we are excited to release a new report examining the impact of our homes on the environment and what steps homeowners and home service pros can take to help build towards a more sustainable future. 

Through small improvements like installing low-flow showerheads and toilets, conducting an energy audit, and switching to Energy Star rated appliances, to larger projects like upgrading windows, adding better insulation, and installing solar panels, today’s homeowners have the opportunity to make an impact.

While improving the energy efficiency of the over 140 million existing homes in America is one of the biggest ways to improve the sustainability of housing, there have also been considerable innovations in building practices of new homes. Innovations like using new construction methods to reduce thermal bridging a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and creating an airtight home with better insulation sealing are helping new homes be the most energy-efficient homes built. Want to learn more, check out resources from Team Zero.

To help raise awareness about this issue and the work of Team Zero, we are launching a new TV spot highlighting Team Zero and encouraging homeowners to think more proactively about how they can be more energy-efficient and sustainable. 


*2020 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 

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On the eve of Earth Day, I am reminded of the importance of our mission - home is indeed the most important place on earth, and we all need to do what we can to protect it. Read this article to learn more about Angi's partnership with TeamZero and their mission toward a zero energy, zero carbon future for our homes. hashtag#earthday2022