High Performance Homes in Under 7 Minutes

Less is more when it comes to PechaKucha at EEBA's High Performance Home Summit

At this year’s High Performance Home Summit in San Diego, we'll be bringing back the highly rated PechaKucha. Last year's standing room only session gave attendees a chance to get a quick glimpse of multiple presentations.

PechaKucha is a style of presenting aimed at quickly and creatively conveying a message. Presenters have under seven minutes to keep the audience engaged through 20 slides while being as concise and informative as possible, and ending with a short Q&A.

Luis Imery presents during PechaKucha at the 2017 High Performance Home Summit in Atlanta (Click to View Video)

Winners from the Department of Energy's Housing Innovation Awards have participated in the last two PechaKucha events at EEBA's High Performance Home Summit. Facilitator and EEBA Board Member, Alex Glenn, hopes to see more industry leaders and innovative thinkers get involved this year.

"I like PechaKucha for many reasons, including how many ideas can be presented in such a short amount of time. If you love what you hear, you can network with the presenters afterwards and ask more questions. If you are not interested in what's being presented, just wait, because it only lasts seven minutes," says Glenn. "PechaKucha is a fun and effective way of sharing powerful ideas while at the same time challenging the presenter to get their message across quickly. It's great to see people take the creativity and ideas from the presenters and put them to work in their area of expertise."

The EEBA High Performance Home Summit is an educational conference focused on energy-efficiency and high-performance building and is a great place for builders, raters, analysts, and architects to learn, network and share ideas. The 2018 Summit will be held in San Diego October 16-18. Email aglenn@advancedenergy.org if you’re interested in participating during the PechaKucha event.


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