All-Electric Home in Connecticut Shows Resiliency During Tropical Storm

Last year, homeowners Maureen Mahle and Steve Klocke completely renovated a 1924 Colonial home in South Norwalk, CT. Maureen and Steve implemented photovoltaics and battery storage in their all-electric home to maximize energy efficiency.

In August 2020, Hurricane Isaias caused severe damage across the East Coast of the U.S. In Norwalk, CT, communities experienced vast electricity outages caused by collapsed trees and damaged power lines.

With their all-electric energy system and backup batteries, Maureen and Steve were protected from the tropical storm. Maureen and Steve have a young toddler and particularly value the safety their energy system provides.

Maureen Mahle and Steve Klocke are Steven Winter Associates, Inc. employees. This is a Steven Winter Associates, Inc. project.


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