Posts From August, 2021

Congratulations, 2021 Housing Innovation Award Winners!

DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has announced the winners of its 2021 Housing Innovation Awards. This recognition distinguishes the leading home builders across the country constructing Zero Energy Ready Homes, the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for new residential construction. Grand winners in each of the award categories listed below will be announced during the Housing Innovation Awards ceremony on September 14th, at the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance High Performance Home Summit.

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How First-Time Homeowners Can Create a Sustainable Home


As more alarming studies surrounding climate change come out, scientists are recommending that people take real action to prevent the disasters of global warming. A great way for individuals to start is by rethinking eco-friendly housing practices. First-time homeowners should take this into consideration when making their move. There are a variety of ways first-time homeowners can create a more sustainable home for the future and by using these tips, you can prepare your home with environmental sustainability in mind. 

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How Urban Planners Integrate Alternative Energy Into Architecture

by Amanda Winstead

Even as sustainability sits at the forefront of modern architectural trends, developing alternative energy solutions isn’t without its challenges. For example, not every city is ideally situated for harnessing solar power due to atmospheric conditions that limit annual sunshine. The good news is that solar energy is just one of the various forms of alternative energy that can be utilized by urban planners in sustainable building designs.  

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