Posts From April, 2021

Deltec Homes joins EEBA Builder Benchmark Group

A big step towards expanding the sustainable building community

We are excited to announce that Deltec Homes has joined the Energy and Environmental Alliance (EEBA) Builder Benchmark Group (BBG)Aaron Smith, CEO of EEBA says, “Deltec Homes are built to profoundly impact people’s lives through their resilient and high-performance homes.  We share their belief that the whole world should build that way and excited to have them part of our organization.  Being part of EEBA will strengthen their capabilities and solidify their goal as they take advantage of BBG’s open-forum resources. Resilience is our mutual mantra and aligning with EEBA BBG will allow Deltec to achieve a greater impact of new applications in sustainable building.”

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The Homebuilder Protects the Health of the Nation

By Aaron C. Smith

In the early 20th century, when diseases like typhoid and polio were prevalent in the United States, America’s plumbers adopted a new slogan: “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation.” With a sharp poster and marketing campaign, plumbers successfully rebranded their professional image from “dirty and menial” to “heroic and essential.” Ever since then, generations of plumbers have rightfully taken pride in the notion of protecting the health of their country.

Today, the homebuilding community needs a similar upgrade to our public- and self-image.

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Healthier Homes Awareness for Building Professionals – New Cutting-Edge Designation Course

Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), Construction Instruction and EEBA are delighted to launch a new, cutting-edge, educational program on Healthier Homes Awareness (HHA) that bridges the gaps in medical and building science knowledge around the growing issue of health in the home. The course will help direct practitioners to the issue of poor indoor air quality and deliver practical solutions to improve the lives of people impacted by asthma, allergies, and COVID-19.  

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