Posts From February, 2021

“Walk the Wok” in the Year of the Ox: An "Electric" Chinese New Year Cooking and Ventilation Celebration

This Chinese New Year, Chef Rachelle Boucher of Kitchens to Life shared her tips and tricks for using induction cooking to make traditional Chinese holiday dishes. Boucher has worked with So Fun, a chef who specializes in various Chinese cuisines, to adapt these authentic recipes for induction cooking and ventilation.

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The Connected Home by Square D Provides “Future-Ready” Energy Management Solutions

In this webinar, Gerard Font presents the Connected Home from Square D, an all-in-one solution for energy management. The Connected Home is designed to reduce carbon emissions and provide consumers with energy efficient options in their homes. The Home uses an innovative “grid-to-plug" solution by connecting wiring devices, the “Wiser” energy monitor, and the house’s energy center to create an integrated energy management system.  

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